Celebrating Life on 9/11

by Hap Aziz

Ten years ago today, as the planes were striking the World Trade Center towers, my wife was giving birth to our daughter, Emma Grace. We think of Emma as a reminder from God that even on the darkest of days, life is reaffirmed, and there is joy to be experienced. In the days and weeks that followed the horrific events of 9/11, our family was not drawn down the path of experiencing both anger and loss. Rather, we had a new born baby to take care of, with all the challenges and excitement that accompany the responsibility.

Every year, though, as we celebrate the anniversary of Emma’s birth, we remember the other news of 9/11, and we are thankful that our little family was not personally affected by the events of the day. To us, Emma signifies how the goodness in the world can wipe away the aftershocks of tragedy. So while we will never forget the loss of life and sacrifice of so many on September 11, 2001, our own thoughts are much lighter, and there is always laughter in our house on that day, especially.


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