For-Profit College Offers Employers $2000 to Hire Graduates

by Hap Aziz

Here’s an interesting piece in The Chronicle of Higher Education:

The LA Times is reporting that University of Antelope Valley is offering (for this month only) employers that hire there graduates for work in their field of study a payment of $2,000. While the actual article does not much in the way of details or analysis, the comments section is worth the read. Here are few of the questions around which the discussion is framed:

  • Does this offer imply that the for-profit institution’s graduates are less qualified for enrollment?
  • Does this constitute a “bribe” to hire graduates, or can this be considered a “signing bonus” for the employer?
  • What would the conversation be if a public institution were to try an initiative like this?
  • Are employers that engage the Antelope in this offer necessarily hiring unqualified graduates?
  • How does this compare to the federal tax credits for hiring as proposed by President Obama in his recent jobs speech?

As a bonus, take a look at the comments by Dr. Arthur Frederick Ide. He raises another discussion point entirely where is states, ” I have never seen an ‘online’ degree that was worth the electricity it took to run the computer.” It appears he is making that statement as an implication of the quality of Antelope’s programs; however, what does it say about the other public and not-for-profit institutions that run online programs (not to mention state virtual high schools)? Perhaps that’s a topic for another discussion!


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