Cutting the Cord from Cable and Satellite TV

I was on Fox 35 Orlando yesterday morning (May 10, 2014), talking about how to get the cable or satellite monkey off your back. It’s getting easier, though there are still some places you’ll need to compromise!

This raises the question of “cutting the cord” from the current higher education channels. Is it possible? Would it be a good idea? Is it possible to consume education in a more customized manner?


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by | May 11, 2014 · 2:16 pm

One response to “Cutting the Cord from Cable and Satellite TV

  1. Sandra

    Most news organizations are producing original content for the web so this is also an alternative to traditional TV.

    I have been using a new app called MondoPlayer which is like a news reader except it is for video. It gathers videos from the web into continuous play streams. As new videos are posted they are automatically added. The app is in beta now for Windows and an Android app will be released soon. Here is a link to news streams

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