The Learning Through Play & Technology blog discusses the topics of education, technology related to education, and the improvement of the teaching and learning process by incorporating the elements of play. Learning is an inherently fun activity, so it follows that we learn best while playing. It’s no coincidence that technology that is fun to play with also facilitates good learning outcomes.

Dr. Hap Aziz
For the past three decades, Hap Aziz has been transforming learning through play as an educator, interactive experience designer, and learning technology visionary. Hap has worked extensively to create new ways and compelling experiences for adult learners in both physical and virtual learning spaces through the implementation of serious play technologies. Hap has partnered with dozens of colleges and universities to launch complete learning management ecosystems, online academic programs, and professional development training that considers pedagogy through the lens of narrative, interactivity, and engagement.

Hap has served on the Board of the International Game Developers Association and was responsible for the merger between the Computer Game Developers Association and the International Game Developers Network. Hap launched the first game design degree program at Full Sail University, and he has designed, advised, and managed digital design, game, and technology programs at several higher education institutions. Hap currently serves as the Director of Learning / Learning Officer for the Adventist Health System, with over 80,000 employees across 45 healthcare facilities. An accomplished speaker on learning and play, Hap presents at conferences and appears on television to discuss learning and technology topics of the day. Hap holds a BA degree in Computer Science from Rollins College, an M.Ed. from Nova Southeastern University, and he obtained his Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Florida.

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